Driven by Cynspiration

I’ve mulled over the idea of setting up my own blog for years, but have always decided against it, for privacy issues I suppose, whether real of perceived, but more from the knowledge that it takes a bit of discipline to keep up with an endeavour like this, and knowing myself so well, I’d be more likely to find myself running off to actually live life, rather than document it.  But of course, that’s a terribly unfair statement for me to make (my sincere apologies to bloggers out there).

To be fair, I have found some measure of solace in the organising of my thoughts and the acknowledging of my emotions over a shared private blog.  But in these times, I have also found solace in the stories weaved by another blogger, unabashedly sharing her trials and tribulations on her rather well-visited public blog.  As obvious as it may seem, it always helps to have some sort of proof that yes, we are all interconnected, we go through the same pains and you are, of course, not alone.  And so it’s this lil’ push that gave me the cynspiration to start out on my own.  After all this while, I’m finally Cynspired enough.  And voila.  Here Cynspiration is.

‘What shall I call it?’ I wondered all this while.  An important decision because it’s something that sticks with you for life (if you so choose to let it).  How does sound?  The phrase wasn’t coined by me.  It started out as a joke about The Face of Inspiration; a corporate photo shoot for a Singapore non-profit organisation I’d volunteered with.  I should probably dig out the appropriate “corporate communication materials” to post alongside this entry, but it’s a little embarassing. See:

The Face of Inspiration

That aside, The Face of Inspiration joke evolved over the years into Cynspiration – a love song of sorts – a celebration of the potential within an inspired figure.  Thank you, my dear friends, for recognising me for just who I am.


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