I’ll be Happy, If…

“Are you married?”, he asked.

“No,” she responded.

“I won’t ask your age then,” he deadpanned.

“That’s wise of you,” she joked.

“Is school life too busy for you to find someone?” he queried.

“No.  I’m just not the marrying kind,” she explained.

She searched her mind to confirm if her oft-repeated response was merely a force of habit or still held true.  Her heart affirmed the response, “True for the moment at least” it whispered.  She’d need a real good reason to do something like get married.  Just like she’d need a real good reason to have a child – adopted, no less.

Each were lost in their own thoughts.  He broke the silence with a swooning sigh, “I can’t wait to get married.”

“Do you have someone in mind?”, she teased.

“No.  But I think I’ll be happy if I get married,” he responded earnestly.

I’ll be happy, if…  In due time, young man.  When you’re sixteen, everything seems like such a possibility.  And it actually is, even long after you’ve left sixteen behind.  You’re always eager and waiting.  Waiting for life to happen and for everything to fall into place so you’ll be happy.

Life still tries to remind us of the truth every now and then.  That life just happens.  You can’t wait for it.  Just as you can’t wait for happiness.  Happiness just is.

Let’s enjoy the ride young ones!


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