Unveiling the Illusory Glory of Sacrifice

I’ve been on a Paulo Coelho reading binge recently, and have found particularly resonant words in Eleven Minutes.  Among the many gems contained within, is this wonderful reminder to have the courage to pursue all that is authentic and important to oneself.  The dance of sacrifice pleases no one in the end:

‘Does a soldier go to war in order to kill the enemy?  No, he goes in order to die for his country.  Does a wife want to show her husband how happy she is?  No, she wants him to see how devoted she is, how she suffers in order to make him happy.  Does the husband go to work thinking he will find personal fulfillment there?  No, he is giving his sweat and tears for the good of the family.  And so it goes on: sons give up their dreams to please their parents, parents give up their lives in order to please their children; pain and suffering are used to justify the one thing that should bring only joy: love.’

It reminds me of something a wonderfully free-spirited friend said on Saturday: “Pursuing something your parents think is good for you, but which you don’t enjoy will only give them short-term happiness.  In the long-run, they will derive no happiness from seeing you suffer something you don’t enjoy.”

Even though things didn’t end up quite the way I envisioned it would (does it ever?), I’m glad I embraced life and took a plunge that’s led me where I am today.  How are you taking the plunge today?  Start living the life you want, now, and eventually, the life you want will find you.


One thought on “Unveiling the Illusory Glory of Sacrifice

  1. cyn!! i didn’t know you had a blog..ok, even though this post was more than a month old. anyway, i like your blog. so i’ll be back! 🙂


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