Dreaming of Change

Social change – a strange thing to dream of in the depths of slumber, but then again, I guess it’s been a long time coming for the things that preoccupy my daytime thoughts to infiltrate my night reverie as well.

I fell asleep to positive thoughts of my coursework in International Education and woke up with the wispy lingerings of a dream about social change.  It wasn’t a dream about change itself, but more about the process: I was a student myself, and helping fellow students and educators with the process of coming up with a service project that would have maximum impact given the amount of resources (including their own time of course) they were able to contribute.  At the end, it was, as always, about guiding them in finding the right questions to ask.

What does it mean?  Perhaps it’s a result of being at the crossroads again, and unspoken anxieties surfacing about which specific direction to take, out of the many alleyways into which I could turn into (yes, dear friends, as go-with-the-flow as I may usually seem, the reality is that it’s always been anxiety-ridden – aren’t we all a bed of contradictions?).

Subconsciously, I realised anxiety’s been flitting through me only after a series of dreams about my teeth falling out and accidentally pooping in public, but I won’t go into those “gory” dreams/nightmares.  I digress, as usual.  Back to dreaming of change.  Methinks this one’s a reminder to leave the anxieties by the wayside: to embrace the process, to focus on my strengths, to keep on the path, to facilitate change, to inspire changemakers, to help us learn to ask the right questions.

If we’re dreaming of change, we’ve gotta keep asking questions, and the right ones will hit us one day.  Now which alleyway was I seeking to turn into again?

30 March update: Read an old Guardian article on Napping for Nature and got distracted by the bit on how getting less than 7 hours of sleep can prevent you from having your 5th REM session.  Perhaps that explains the surge in the number of dreams I can recall on waking – I’ve been getting more than enough sleep these days!  So people, let a bout of dreaming inspire you; take the old advice and get your 8 hours of shut eye!  You’ll be doing good for your spiritual/creative life and the environment too!


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