Hullo! Guess Who’s Back?

Between moving back to Singapore (with all its attendant attractions and distractions) and short trips here and there (ok, yes, I’ll admit it: and huge bouts of evil, life-sucking, mind-numbing procrastination), I’ve managed to completely and utterly neglect this tiny corner of internet-dom.  But as usual, all it takes is a few choice words uttered by a few lovely friends (shameless flattery will get you everywhere, my friends!) and I’m sucked back into banging away on my keyboard.

Procrastination aside, I am proud to announce yet another conquest of “things-I’ve-been-meaning-to-do-but-never-quite-got-around-to”; the latest on the “Create” agenda: SEWING!

I remember liking sewing back in the days of secondary school Home Economics classes.  I loved making that hideously ugly pair of bermudas (that I never eventually wore, but inflicted upon some other unsuspecting soul during a clothing donation drive).  I loved it so much (sewing, not the bermudas), I tried convincing my parents to buy us a Bernina – the machines we used in school that sewed like a dream.  On hindsight, my request was the kind of insanity only a teenager could possess (have you any idea how much those babies cost?!).  My parents however, in possession of a pair of very reasonable heads between them, were smart enough to resist their crazy adolescent’s harebrained scheme, yet indulgent enough that we lugged home an entry-level Singer instead.  Plastic-fantastic Singer didn’t sew like a dream.  I tried to make our relationship work anyway, but like a unrequited lover, I quickly lost enthusiasm for our affair.  As the days went by (and the hideous bermudas were completed, graded, done and over with, left to rot in a dusty corner), I forgot all about Miss Singer, and by the time I needed her again, she flat out spurned me.

Every once in a long, long while though, I’d think of a sewing project and, in a burst of unwarranted optimism, I’d try to woo Miss Singer again.  And so it was that recently, while reading my dear friend Yuling’s blog entry a while back, mentioning her need for new cushion covers, I found myself conveniently forgetting Miss Singer’s lifetime worth of attitude problems and raring to take on a cushion cover sewing project.  Now, cushion covers are supposed to be one of the most basic of sewing projects and so you’ll forgive me for being overly optimistic about Miss Singer’s cooperation in this entire affair.

After a lovely day out shopping for upholstery fabric with Yuling and her sweetheart of a toddler, Raeann, I washed the fabric for shrinkage that very night, and eagerly awaited the fabric to dry (no, despite how it sounds, I didn’t sit there watching the fabric dry).  A press with the iron, calculations, measurements, tailors chalk, more ironing and pins later, it was time to face Miss Singer.  And while she refused to cooperate without giving up a fight, with coaxing and the occasional threat, she eventually gave in, and we succeeded in producing these babies:

But who’s to say Miss Singer didn’t have the last laugh?  After all, she singlehandedly succeeded in producing this:

Evil sewing machines aside, I’m just relieved that I didn’t abandon the project this time.  I didn’t bite off more than I could chew (or sew in this case), and the cushion covers are now safely with their lovely owners.

So, how about Round Two?


3 thoughts on “Hullo! Guess Who’s Back?

  1. You know what – these cushion covers are so beautifully sewn I wouldn’t have believed it’s your first project since Home Ed.! So neat, so meticulously done, they’re perfect! You’re a dream la! 🙂

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