terrariums of green memory in ever-changing singapore

#plottedsg was conceptualised as a way to express the sense of loss people feel as treasured green spaces continuously make way for redevelopment.

A #plottedsg terrarium uses organic matter rescued from green areas in Singapore that are slated for redevelopment.  You can make your own #plottedsg terrarium of your favourite disappearing green space too.

#plottedsg terrarium no. 1 limau estate woodlands

So I managed to kill the Polka Dot Plant terrarium Marissa gave me. Sorry! I'm trying to make it up by replacing it with native moss and ferns I rescued from the Limau Estate Woodlands that's being gobbled up by condominium projects at Tanah Merah. I hope

Oh my, look how you've grown!

Ooh! Look at the worm in #terrarium no. 1 Limau Estate, sealed 22 weeks ago! It's alive!

#plottedsg terrarium no. 2 cantonment 

Project #terrarium rescue no. 2. Cantonment.

#plottedsg terrarium no. 3 tanjong pagar

Quarantine done. #terrarium no. 2 Tanjong Pagar in progress. Just waiting to add some ☀

#plottedsg terrarium no. 4 elias

Rescue #terrarium no. 4 "Elias" in progress. The excavators are already at work. We barely got these fellas out in time.

Rescue #terrarium no. 4 "Elias" ready for his new home with @ponyowawa What do you want to rescue?

#plottedsg terrarium no. 6 queenstown

Rescue #terrarium no 6 "Queenstown" 1/3

P(l)otted for 5 days and no. 6 "Queenstown" decided to bloom too. And she's already getting too tall for her throne...

#plottedsg terrarium no. 7 queenstown

#terrarium no. 7 "#Queenstown Cinema" 2/3 decided to bloom 3 days after P(l)otting

#plottedsg terrarium no. 8 queenstown

P(l)otted #terrarium no 8 "#Queenstown Cinema" 3/3. Already demolished.

#plottedsg terrariums no. 9 the mount sophia series

Tim's #plottedsg rescued organic matter

Lemuel's #plottedsg plants

And we present Lemuel's #plottedsg #terrarium from the Mount Sophia series

Bird's eye view of Lester's #plottedsg #terrarium. Mount Sophia series

Kheng Boon's #plottedsg #terrarium. Mount Sophia series.

From left to right: Kheng Boon, Tim, Lemuel, Lester #plottedsg #terrarium. Mount Sophia

4 guys and a gal. #plottedsg #terrarium. Mount Sophia

#terrarium no. 9 made this morning from their leftovers. #plottedsg Mount Sophia


  1. Redo #2 Tanjong Pagar because it sort of died
  2. Redo #4 Elias because it died
  3. Bidadari because of a request
  4. Bukit Brown because of a request
  5. Redhill Close because friends live here
  6. Junction of Anchorvale Street & Sengkang East Road because land parcel sale
  7. Canberra Drive because land parcel sale
  8. Junction of Choa Chu Kang Drive & Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1 because land parcel sale

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